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10 Ways an Entrepreneur’s Support System is Better Than Velvet Cake

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Life, The Buzz

Red Velvet Cake is by far one of my favorite indulgences. But, when you stop to think about it, is there any such food as Red Velvet? Red Velvet sounds great, but I think it’s just vanilla cake with a ton of Red Food Dye #2. So what I love it anyway. And don’t even get me started about the cream cheese icing. I’m sure many would agree, this icing supports the flavor. Much like the support you get from friends and family when you’re starting your own business venture. I hope you’re as fortunate as I am to have an entourage of people helping you go from plain vanilla to something spectacular!

   Here are ten reasons why you should cherish loved ones, when first starting a new business.

  1. Toilet Paper
  2. Emotional Support
  3. Monetary Support
  4. Business Guidance
  5. Respecting Time
  6. Word of Mouth Advertising
  7. Skilled Support
  8. Making you Take Breaks
  9. Social Media Support
  10. Open, Brutally Honest and Transparent Communication.

   Toilet Paper??? Let me explain. As a small business owner you often go through sacrifices to make things work. When I first started out, I didn’t have an income AT ALL. I was eating buttered pasta and rice for weeks. What was left of my savings was depleting rapidly. At one point I ran out of T.P. and was using anything within reason. I’m not trying to be gross, but this was my reality. To my surprise, one day I got a package in the mail. When I opened up the box, there were 12 rolls of Charmin! My best friend Suzanne, who continued to believe in me and not think I was full of sh!*, sent me a real lifesaver. That gift turned out to be the greatest item, I ever received by mail.

   Besides the backing of T.P. (no pun intended), I can’t tell you the amount of emotional support I’ve received over the past few months. My mother, father and dear friends have been the ribs I need during scary times. Without hesitation they continue to let me cry on their shoulders and revel in my triumphs as they watch ME and my business grow.

   Let’s talk money. I don’t have a wealthy family, and I didn’t prepare to start my own company by saving up. So any little bit of help felt like it was millions. My brother loaned me $20 to help keep my phone on. I sacrificed my car. I took a part time job. My dear friend Ed gave me bus fare so I could get to my training. My friend Mike picked me up each day so I could get home safely, saving me bus fare and protecting me. I didn’t need thousands of dollars. I just needed selfless kindness, which they were so willing to give, which will never be forgotten.

   I’ve also received business support from so many people. Like a sea sponge, I’ve become full of fluid knowledge and power. I’ve listened to every word they say, even when I disagreed. It’s amazing how much people know and share when you simply let them speak. I have incredible forces like my father and my mentor, Lisa who’ve given me the soundest advice. Every time I hear something uncharted from them, it’s added to my library of dos and don’ts and they’ve both been a blessing. Skilled support isn’t always easy to find so when someone gives you a jewel from their treasure box of wisdom, cherish it and learn from it.

   Here’s another example of support. John and Jose have endowed me with the ability to stand on my own two feet by showing their confidence in me. I’ve respected and learned a lot from them over the years. Thanks to their word of mouth advertising, I’m no longer suffering and have been given the ability to earn a lucrative income. I framed a one-dollar bill from the first job John gave me to remind me that it was his faith in my abilities that kept me strong.

   With all start-up companies, time is a precious commodity. Budget yours wisely, and make sure you find time to relax! Often hard to do when you’re diving deep into your work 12-14 hour days’ pass by quickly. I’m grateful to the people who’ve asked me “When was the last time you took a break?” I seldom take time for myself and I appreciate them checking in. That simple reminder is what makes me remember to recharge.

   After recharging, I spend a little time on Social Media. I can’t tell you how kind and thoughtful people can be. Even those who’ve never met you in person can become your biggest fans. It’s a sweet reminder to remember to keep going.

   Speaking of sweet, let’s get back to that Red Velvet cake. My friends, family, and network have been the icing I’ve needed. They have helped me go from half-baked to spectacular in less than 4 months! I thank you all, who’ve given me support, and those that have given me the fattening advice of “Keeping it Real”. I’m blessed to know I can trust you’ll give me the cold hard facts when I need em’. I trust you won’t be blowing out my candles! I know you’re holding my hand through this sweet and delicious journey.

   Thank You Everyone!!!








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    By: Evelyn Grzadzinski

    Eve Grzadzinski is a copywriter, social media specialist and the owner of Sugar Bee Copy LLC. Eve had a successful long term film career where she produced and directed over fifty commercials for television. In her spare time, she enjoys producing music video, painting and spending time with her family.

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