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5 Must Eat Restaurants in Miami Beach

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Go + Do, Travel

Hungry? Well you will be after reading this week’s blog. One of the best parts about traveling is trying new places to eat, experiencing wines you’ve never tasted before and checking out the recommendations for eateries and diners. Miami Beach has thousands of amazing restaurants, diners, and pubs throughout the city. Culturally rich with food from the orient to food from Mexico, you can be sure you’ll find something suitable for your taste buds. Here are 5 must eat establishments in the area that will please your hunger pangs.

1. Mango’s Tropical Cafe located at 900 Ocean Drive in South Beach. Alluring atmosphere with a colorful venue and plenty of entertainment. This hot spot on the strip is a showstopper for both residents and visitors. Open till 5 am Mango’s has a full menu you can indulge in with a variety of Latin food. May we suggest the Mambo’s Famous Chicken Wings or a Mango Chopped Salad? Pair it off with a Mojito and you’re good to go. The prices are medium to high and there is always live dancing including salsa to make your vacation a spicy hot one.

2. At DiLido’s Beach Club you’ll experience breathtaking panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Located inside the Ritz Carlton Hotel, DiLido’s caters to a healthy menu with tons of seafood and chicken dishes. This place is perfect for watching the waistline. Prices are med to high depending on your budget. They give you a large portion that is good enough to share. Ask them to mix you up a refreshing CoCo Di and kick back to do some people watching.

3. Are you ready for the best breakfast in your life? Puerto Sagua has a delightful Cuban flair and is fairly priced. The Cuban Coffee with the breakfast sandwich will juice up your day. If it’s lunch or dinner dining you’re after, try the Ropa Vieja or the Oxtail Stew. Located in the 700 block of Collins Ave this little diner has everything to please your appetite. Got a sweet tooth? Try some of their famous coconut flan after your meal. You will make this one of your most revisited spots.

4. Nostalgic Diner atmosphere is present at Big Pink. This is a must see and try establishment with the Pink Volkswagen’s parked outside the 157 Collins Avenue location. This venue hosts a more traditional American menu of the perfect burgers and chicken with waffles. We know it sound nuts, but chicken with waffles is amazing! You can dine in or take out and the menu is low to medium in price.

5. Ahhhh, yes Pizza is always a favorite amongst the crowds down here. What better place to discover a great pizza pie? Primo Pizza has a 4 star rating and is priced right. If you’re a vegetarian the Veggie Pizza is a great bang for the buck! Located in the 100th block of Collins Ave this little Pizzeria will give you a full belly without spending a lot of money. Pasta and great salad’s are on the top of the list at Primo’s as well.

If you’re a local or from out of town, these venues in SoBe will be a real pleasure. Stop in, check them out and then, let us know what you think? We want to hear from you!







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