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“…..things might change, grow, or fail, but that life did go on. That we were all part of some great cycle, some pattern that it was only God’s purpose to understand.” 

~ Me Before YouMe Before You edit

Me Before You by JoJo Moyes was a book I stumbled upon while perusing my library’s e-book selection.  And, boy, am I glad I did. This novel was a clear choice for one of my favorite books read in 2015. Read it before the film adaptation is released in theaters this June!

Louisa Clark finds herself unemployed after the cafe she works at closes. Desperate for a job, she takes a chance on an unusual position working as a caregiver for a quadriplegic, Will Traynor.  She discovers that Will suffered his injuries in an accident o

nly two years earlier, but prior to it lived a very active lifestyle filled with a high-powered job, luxurious travel and physical adventures.  Now, confined to a wheelchair, Will has lost all desire to live. Louisa, determined to make Will see life is worth living, sets out on a mission to help Will enjoy himself again. They find much more than either of them anticipated. Yet, sometimes love isn’t enough.

Through Will and Louisa, Moyes reminds readers to live in the moment. They both must learn to let go of a past that prohibits them from living in the present. Throughout the story, you will be asking yourself, just who is saving who? Sometimes what seems like a selfish act becomes the most unselfish act of love imaginable.

“You only get one life.  It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.” 

~ Me Before You

I normally take a ton of notes when I’m reading a book for review. However, with Me Before You I didn’t. I just felt this story more than I have any other novel in a very long time.  This beautiful and unusual love story takes readers deep inside the unique relationship between these characters.  Louisa and Will are so alive, so real. Moyes’ writing style is carefree and flowing, yet sensual and extremely intimate at the same time.

Me Before You is not your typical love story. Rather, it is a love story of the mind, friendship, and deep connection.  It is a close look at how one human being can inspire another to be the best he can be. It will leave you on an emotional overload craving for more. I personally didn’t want this one to end and had to pace myself so I wouldn’t finish it too quickly.

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