Tropics on Ice Showcases World-Class Talent

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Photo: Rick Munroe, Beach Magazine

After a four year run with the South Florida Fair, Rosstyn Gudiño and his family continue to bring smiles to fair-goers of all ages.
    The quality production combines music, elaborate costumes, bright lights and a well-choreographed performance. If you haven’t seen the show, be sure to catch the performance before the fair ends on Jan 31st of this year.
    “Tropics on Ice” compliments this year’s fair theme “Celebrating the Palm Beaches” the entire show is dedicated to some of the best things found in Palm Beach County.
    Founded in 1994 by Rosstyn and Laurilee Gudiño, the couple has been producing ice shows across America and abroad. Their most recent show took them to Shanghai, China, where they performed to a packed house.
    How it all started.
    Both Rosstyn and Laurilee skated for “Holiday on Ice”. Each skated in different divisions, they never got a chance to meet one another. Like two ships passing through the night, they knew about each other but never connected.
    Rosstyn ended up living in Ft. Lauderdale where he managed a skating rink for 15 years.  When the rink needed a new skating coach, he hired Laurilee, who worked with him at the rink. In what he described as a “professional relationship” with Laurilee, things changed a few years later. “We worked together for four years before I asked her out” says Rosstyn.
    The dynamic duo went on to skate in competitions together amongst other life events. They have three children and their own skating company.  They keep the talent “all in the family” while two of their three children are pursuing careers in the entertainment business, the youngest one wishes to become an NHL star.
    Both Rosstyn and Laurilee have clearly defined roles in their company. The two play crucial roles in producing a visually amazing spectacle seen by thousands of people each year. Laurilee, whose talents extend beyond skating, choreographs and designs the costumes.
    What makes them different from other skate shows is what Rosstyn describes as their special “trademark” lighted costumes. With the help of contract seamstresses, they manufacture all of their show’s costumes.
    Although the “Tropics on Ice” lasts for 30 minutes, the amount of planning involved takes nearly a year to complete. Next year’s planning and costume designs will begin before this year’s fair concludes.
Rosstyn & Laurilee Gudiño
    Their next stop will be Dade County Fair, after that the show travels to the Virgin Islands leaving the family-performers little downtime. In addition to production and travel they are always seeking new talent.
    The skaters whom they showcase, are able to perform some of the most challenging moves, including triple axles mostly seen at major competitions like the Olympics.
    The selection process of finding skaters involves a casting call. Laurilee mentioned a time years ago when video tapes were mailed in for auditioning skaters. Today, that process has simplified, skaters will audition for parts by showcasing their talents on the Internet in places like YouTube. With advances in technology, they are able to hire some of the finest skaters both in the U.S. and abroad.
    What’s interesting about the show is that it all comes together in just a matter of days. “They come here with their talent, but they don’t know what they’re going to do. “We choreograph and train the skaters and for the entire production within seven days” says Rosstyn.
    Laurilee continues to coach future stars as a group of local amateur skaters, that can go on to compete in national and international skating competitions.
    If you’re a fan of “Tropics on Ice”, I’m sure you’re already looking forward to next year’s performance.
    For daily performance schedule, visit: <>
    To reach Rosstyn Ice Shows visit: <> or call 561.791.3328

Interview with Rosstyn and Laurilee Gudiño






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